About PAC-5


The PAC-5 athletic program is an alliance of independent schools banding together to field teams for competitive sports in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH).


In 1971 the concept of integrating the smaller independent schools to compete in Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) football was established. Hawaii Baptist Academy, University High, Maryknoll and Mid-Pacific Institute joined together as the HBUHMM “Hummers” in junior varsity football. In 1974, with the addition of Our Redeemer Lutheran (now Lutheran High School), this entity became the sixth official team in ILH varsity football known as PAC-Five “Wolfpacks.” Little did we know back in the early 1970’s that this unique idea would blossom into a successful program not only for the “small schools” of the ILH, but also for the league itself. Not only does it enrich the league with another team, but some of the league schools who do not have a stand alone team in a sport can play on the PAC-Five team.

Presently, the fruits of this concept have made sports available to twenty-one member schools of the ILH. Since 1974-1975, PAC-Five has grown from 192 student-athlete participants to approximately over 1100 participants for the 2012-2013 school year. The PAC-5 program gives students an opportunity to be on a team that their school does not provide. It is the philosophy of the PAC-5 program to allow schools to participate and compete in sports, while encouraging the member schools whenever possible to have their own teams.

The willingness of ILH schools to be flexible in granting students such opportunities is not only unique, but a progressive approach to athletics. Such an intricate and diverse program has survived through the years in large part to the direction and support by the administrators of member schools.

The future of the program is stable as long as the administrators of the member schools, who believe in the philosophy and mission of the program, to allow schools to band together to participate and compete in sports, support the PAC- 5 program. As a result, approximately over 50,000 student-athletes have been given the opportunity to compete in sports, which they never would have had otherwise. Continued financial support, open communication and the willingness of the schools to be flexible and creative have all been key factors in enhancing the success and growth of the program.

During the 2011-2012 school year, the ILH underwent a restructuring of the league whereby PAC-5 came under the jurisdiction and governance of the ILH.

PAC-5 Alma Mater

All hail the mighty Wolfpack
Seventeen schools united as one
We work together side by side
With respect and mutual pride
Orange and brown are we
Fighting with our heart and soul
We’re the Mighty Wolfpack team
Working for a common goal
We raise our voices loud and strong
With pride and loyalty
PAC-5 schools we honor thee
With glory, heart and song